Wound Care

Proper wound care is vital in elder care. Skin integrity can break down very quickly in elderly people with reduced circulation. A skin wound that doesn’t heal, heals slowly or heals but tends to recur is known as a chronic wound. Some of the many causes of chronic (ongoing) skin wounds can include trauma, burns, skin cancers, infection or underlying medical conditions such as diabetes. Wounds that take a long time to heal need special care.

As a provider of clinical excellence, we at Delta Aged Care treat wounds as an essential service and dedicate staff to the management of wounds.

Delta Aged Care employs a specialist nurse to oversee and manage skin integrity and wounds. This service is available seven days a week. The specialist nurse provides management of all skin care needs, educates and trains all staff, residents and families members on best practices in wound and skin care management.

All wounds are photographed and recorded on our electronic are management system which provides for high quality monitoring of any changes and the progress of healing, these are reported as required and additional specialist consultations are provided.