Residential Aged Care – Vision & Values

We care for the ones you care for

Our Vision

We are a recognised leader in residential aged care, for our quality of care and service to residents and families by valuing our staff as our greatest asset.

Our Mission

The Delta Aged Care management and staff are committed to providing residential aged care services which consistently meet our residents and their families specified needs and expectations. We integrilly provide a program of health care that ensures optimal quality of life. We follow documented processes that comply with the requirements of current Department of Social Services accreditation standards.

We believe that our vision and mission is achieved by:

  • Providing Quality Care to residents, being flexible and responding to changing residents needs
  • Staff training and motivation
  • Adherence to documented processes
  • Investigation of systems and recording deficiencies
  • Implementation of effective corrective action
  • Continuous Improvement

We expect and encourage senior management and staff to actively participate in the implementation and maintenance of the management system, so every employee can play a part in enhancing Delta Aged Care’s reputation for high quality service.

Our Values


Delta Aged Care management is committed to high quality leadership, with that framework, we maintain a team approach within each operational area of the facility.


We continually strive to become better to achieve a superior quality together with high standards of performance while maintaining a home-like quality for our community.


We are committed to the highest level of honesty and reliability in each relationship. What we say is what we do!


We exemplify in all our actions to use a positive, kind approach as a matter of priority at all times.


We are committed to treating all persons at the home with compassion.

Delta Aged Care’s philosophy is to treat all residents of the community with encouragement, kindness and compassion and to uphold their dignity, privacy and comfort while conducting the administration and provision of services in the highest professional manner.