• We only have registered nurses and staff trained to administer medications at our homes, best practice guidelines for residential aged care state that medications need to be individually identifiable- not all packed together in a multi-pack, due to the amount of generic medication on the market, all tablets look different.
  • We are unable to accept boxed or packed medications from home as we do not know how the medications have been stored, and due to packing using the Webster Unit dose 7 system.

  • We are able to accept boxed medications from a hospital pharmacy for any care recipients that have been admitted directly from hospital. Our pharmacy is happy to pack these medications free of charge.

  • A Medication imprest is available for any emergency medications care recipients may need out of hours once they have been prescribed by a medical practitioner.

  • Residents who would like to self-administer medications during their stay will need to have a self-administration assessment completed by a medical practitioner and registered nurse