Feedback and Complaints

Feedback And Complaints

All complaints are encouraged and viewed as an opportunity to improve the care and service we provide to consumers and to strengthen our relationship with them. Management and staff respect consumer rights when handling a complaint particularly; their right to complain and have complaints dealt with fairly and promptly. An impartial approach to complaints handling is taken which means that each complaint is treated on its merits, with an open mind and without prejudice with a full and objective evaluation of the facts or evidence provided. All complaints are treated in a private and confidential manner. All consumers compliments, suggestions, or concerns / complaints both verbal and written are recorded on an Improvement Form. All key stakeholders have access to Improvement Forms (2.0.1) which are located in the reception area or in the Resident Agreement (permanent and respite). We would welcome to bring all issues to the Nurse in Charge or the Care Coordinator so we can attend to it immediately.

If a consumer/representatives would prefer to speak to someone independent of the organization or complaint has not been able to be resolved the following services are available: The Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission – This is a free service for anyone to raise a concern about safety or quality of care and services within commonwealth funded aged care home. All details are listed below: