Aged Care Fees & Charges

When moving into an aged care facility, there is a range of aged care fees and charges that you may be required to pay.

These are categorized into 4 areas:

This fee covers your day-to-day living costs such as meals, cleaning, laundry, and heating. It is currently 85% of the pension. Every Deltacare home resident can be asked to pay this fee. Payment is required one month in advance and can be made by direct debit .

This fee contributes to your day-to-day care costs. The Department of Human Services will determine whether we will ask you to pay this fee. Depending on your income and assets, the Government may ask you to contribute to the cost of your care. This is an additional contribution towards day-to-day care costs such as nursing and personal care. If so, payment is required one month in advance via direct debit.

  • This is for the accommodation at the aged care home you have selected and agreed with the provider. Depending on your situation, the Government may provide assistance in paying for your accommodation in full or in part.
  • All residents who can afford to pay for their accommodation can choose to pay in the form of a Refundable Accommodation Deposit or Contribution, or as a Daily Accommodation Payment or Contribution. If it suits, you can also pay for your accommodation as a combination of both.
  • This fee covers your accommodation – the room that you’ll live in at the care home. 

Some aged care homes will provide a higher standard of accommodation, lifestyle, entertainment and dining services over and above what is specified by the Government. If you choose these additional services beyond the basics of the Daily Fee, an Additional Services daily fee may be applicable.

Accommodation fee options

Every room at a care home has a price that is based upon the room type and its features. If you’re a non-concessional resident, there are three payment options available:

This is a lump sum (the room price) that is fully refundable when you leave.

This is a daily payment of interest on the room price. The DHS sets the Maximum Permissible Interest Rate (MPIR) that you pay.

You can choose to pay part of your RAD, and a DAP on the remaining amount.

Paying your fees

  • A Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD) can be paid by cheque or Electronic Funds Transfer.

  • Other accommodation fees should be paid one month in advance via direct debt.

  • If you pay a RAD, you can choose to have some other fees deducted from your RAD balance. This includes your DAP as part of a combination arrangement, or fees for additional services. Your refund will be smaller when you leave your care home, but you may find this method easier to manage your bills.

Get an estimate online

  • We understand that you may not have time to complete the Combined Assets and Income Assessment before moving into your Deltacare home.

  • Fortunately, the DHS has developed a useful online calculator on their My Aged Care website. It will give you a good indication of the fees you can expect once your assessment form has been processed.
  • Alternatively, you can always contact your Home Manager. They can provide you with an estimate of your fees.

Read more about fees and charges or visit the Australian Government’s Ageing and Aged Care website to learn about fees, charges and payments.

What if I can’t afford residential care?

The Australian Government can subsidise payments for certain people who cannot afford residential care. Depending on your financial situation, this may cover a portion of basic daily fees, means-tested care fees and/or accommodation fees.

If you are worried you might have trouble paying for your aged care home costs, you can ask to be considered for financial hardship support from the Government.

Each case is reviewed on an individual basis and the outcome is based on a number of factors that may be contributing to your financial situation. For more information, visit My Aged Care.